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How to register and login

In order to have the ability to review salons/ beauty centers, submit your salon/center, live messages or even submit job on, it’s necessary for you to register and log in to your website.

There are 2 methods for you to do that:


Update profile and avatar

After logging in to, you can edit your profile by clicking on the Profile option in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, you are easily able to change the profile name, upload your avatar, featured image, and much more.

Pick your account plan (optional)

There are 2 main plans (monthly/yearly) for you to select:

Explore all salon spas

Furthermore, you are also able to explore all salons, spas, and other beauty centers around you with detailed information by visiting here.

Find the right salon spa

If you want to find the right place to get more information, you can use the filter on the left of the screen. By choosing 4 options (rated, nearby, latest, open now), picking the destination (where to look, country, state, city), selecting the category, or entering a keyword, you can easily and quickly find the right salon, spa or other beauty center without any trouble.

Leave a review for a spa

Besides that, in case you need to leave your review, feedback, or comment for a spa, salon, or beauty center that you experienced, you can do that quickly. All you need to do is access the place, for example Face + Body by DORIT BAXTER, scroll down and click on the Review + [ABC]. After that, you can fill out the review and score for the service there.

Follow, and bookmark a spa you love

In case you want to follow or bookmark the salons, spas, or beauty centers you love, our website also allows you to do that. Simply click on the 2 icons we show you below.

Create a new Spa listing

Do you want to create a new spa/salon listing to promote your spa/salon? If yes, please go to the Create Place and follow the instructions here.

Submit a Job (only paid subscribe)

This option is only for paid subscribers, so you can use it to create job recruitment to find new employers for your spas, salons, or beauty centers. In order to submit a job, it’s necessary for you to access here and fill out all information.

Create a new collection (only paid subscribe)

In case you need to generate a new collection, feel free to click here. You just need to enter the collection name, write some words for description, enable/disable private collection option, then choose the items which you need to add to the collection. After that, simpy publish the collection.

More questions?

If you hope to know more information about and relevant issues, please go to the FAQs section.

Still need support?

Do you still need support? If yes, let’s go to support center here.

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